Coming soon …

… Boann Books and Media’s first film production:

The Importance of Loving Shakespeare:
A Short Film 

Directed by Paul Matulef
Written by John Kearns


As Oscar Wilde John Bellomo
As William Shakespeare
To Be Decided
As Ernest Hemingway
To Be Decided
Preparations are being made for the shooting of this short film based on the John Kearns one-act play produced at the Eugene Frankel Theatre in 1999 and selected for the 8-Minute Madness Festival at the West Side Y in 2005. In The Importance of Loving Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Ernest Hemingway encounter one another in the Underworld, each speaking in his particular writing style and each seeming to be aware of the others’ works. Through their banter, the audience learns that they are on their way to a trial at which they will have to be honest about their sexual orientations. If they are not, they must keep riding the ferry back and forth across the River Styx.

Some outdoor locations have been scouted and Paul Matulef has looked into possibilities for a studio production. More details to follow from Boann Books and Media LLC.

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