In the Wilderness

In the Wilderness had staged readings at the the Robert Moss and White Box Theatres in the second Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in 2010.

About In The Wilderness

In The Wilderness depicts the struggle of teachers and students in an all-girls high school in the South Bronx in the late 1980's, when the neighborhood was rife with crime, crack addiction and AIDS. Dispirited from the stress of the school year, dedicated young teacher Paul Logan decides that if he can get just one student to be successful, then all of the frustrations would be worthwhile. Carmen Marquez, a smart, sexy sophomore who writes poetry and succeeds in school despite pressures from home and from her neighborhood, seems to be the one Paul is hoping for. 

The production starred:

Dan Yoeges as Paul Logan
Briane Berkson as Carmen Marquez
Nicola Murphy as Kate Farrell
Eddie Crawford as Bill Thorpe
Rahima Wachuku as Sylvenia Tate
Andrea Sosa as Student #1
Jherelle Benn as Student #2
Osas Ighodaro as Student #3

Brianne Berkson won the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity award for Outstanding Actress in a staged reading. Dan Yoeges was nominated for Outstanding Actor in a staged reading.

It was performed on:

Tues 6/15 @ 2pm

Venue: The Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette Street, 3rd floor

Thurs 6/17 @ 7pm

Venue: The White Box Theater, 440 Lafayette Street, 4th floor



Resignations was the first show in the Robert Moss Theatre in the inaugural Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in 2009.

About Resignations

Joy and Grace, two young Chinese-American women who have been friends since high school, sit in the cubicles of an absurd office. Grace is growing content while Joy is getting restless. Over the course of a year, on five weekdays associated with five elements of Chinese medicine, the two friends struggle over their artistic dreams and their need for security.

Resignations is structured like a work week.  Each day of the week corresponds to a different season and an element of Chinese medicine: Monday in the winter (element: water), Tuesday in the spring (element: wood), Wednesday in the summer (element: fire), Thursday in the late summer (element: earth), and Friday in the fall (element: metal).  The play presents the same five elements of the women’s routine each day: morning coffee, a conference call, lunch, a Starbuck's run, and the end of the day.  

In an office that makes you laugh, a comedy that makes you think.

The production starred:

Amy Chang as Joy
Joy Lanceta as Grace
John Skocik as The Presenter/Conference Call Voice

John Skocik was nominated for the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity award for Outstanding Actor in a Featured Role of a Play.

It was performed on:

Thursday – June 11th – 4 PM
Friday – June 13th – 8:30 PM
Saturday – June15th – 4 PM
Monday – June 17th – 8 PM
Saturday – June 21st – 8:30 PM
Saturday – June 25th – 6:00 PM



Sons of Molly Maguire

Sons of Molly Maguire was selected for the Main Stage of the the Midtown International Theatre Festival! The play will be performed at the Workshop Theatre, 312 West 36th Street (near 8th), Fourth Floor, at the following dates and times:

Tuesday – July 17th – 6:30 PM.
Friday – July 20th – 5:30 PM
Saturday – July 21st – 12:45 PM
Monday – July 23rd – 6:30 PM
Saturday – July 28th – 3:00 PM
Saturday – August 4th – 3:15 PM

Tickets for all six performances are now being sold on Smarttix.

Save $3 with this discount code: molly. Senior and student discounts are also available.

Boann Books and Media is planning opening and closing night parties and drink specials at a local pub. See you at the Workshop Theatre!

About Sons of Molly Maguire

In the coal mines of 1870s Pennsylvania, bosses discriminate against Irish immigrants. Jack Kilbride joins the Molly Maguires, a secret society that protests through terrorism. When the Molly Maguires are infiltrated and informed on by a Pinkerton Detective and fellow Irishman, Jack finds that the bosses own not only the mines but also the courts. In powerful dramatic and poetic terms, Sons of Molly Maguire examines this historical tale whose themes relate strongly to the issues of today: terrorism, immigration, corporate greed, inflammatory media, and corrupt courts.

For more information about the Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania:



In a Bucket of Blood

In a Bucket of Blood was performed for sold-out audiences at Where Eagles Dare Theatre, 347 West 36th Street during the 2006 Midtown International Theatre Festival.

About In a Bucket of Blood

In a Bucket of Blood is a drama of loyalty, betrayal, guilt, and ambition set among the Hell's Kitchen Irish Mob of the 1980s. Late on a Sunday night in a Hell's Kitchen dive called Fergus's Pub, Eddie Carey waits for his boss and lifelong friend, Jimmy Nolan. As he waits, he receives several visitors, including his wife, his criminal buddies, and his mistress, who lead him to question whether the loyalty he has demonstrated toward his boss is being returned.

Based loosely on the exploits of the Irish-American gang known as "The Westies," In a Bucket of Blood takes its inspiration from a wide range of sources including Oedipus Rex, Shakespeare's History plays, Liam O'Flaherty's The Informer, the Bible, and Irish and American history.